Can I overcome my depression at your hypnotherapy clinics? Yes You Can

Cure Your Depession with the help of hypnotherapy

How widespread is depression?

It is thought that up to 20% of people will suffer from some form of depression during their lifetime. According to The World Health Organisation, at present depression affects 121 million people worldwide. Some 300,000 people in Ireland currently have depression and over 500 take their own lives each year. The good news about depression is that almost everyone suffering from this condition can be helped with treatment at our clinics. Many are reluctant to seek help so it is important to recognise the signs and symptoms of depression.

What are the main indicators of depression?
Persistent depressed, sad, anxious, or empty mood
Feeling worthless, helpless, or experiencing excessive or inappropriate guilt
Hopeless about the future, excessive pessimistic feelings
Loss of interest in family, hobbies and social life
Decreased energy and chronic fatigue
Loss of memory, difficulty making decisions or concentrating
Irritability or restlessness or agitation
Sleep disturbances, either difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much
Loss of appetite and interest in food, or overeating, with weight gain
Recurring thoughts of death, or suicidal thoughts or actions
Increased alcohol or drug dependency or abuse

How well will YesYouCan hypnotherapy work?


A Comparison Study:
Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavioural Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions
- American Health Magazine
How many sessions will I require?
Everybody has different issues to be resolved and therefore no two clients will have the exact same outcomes. Generally though treatments will involve anywhere between 2-4 sessions with almost all clients reporting a vast improvement in their condition after just one visit!
So what’s the solution?
Quiet often we have bottled up anger within us dating back to a major episode or a number of smaller ones in our lives. We can become unaware that we are repressing the anger felt about these incidents but until it is gone, we are unwittingly paralysing our own lives. Through hypnotherapy we find and resolve the emotional cause of the depression and then change the client’s perception of past events. Once the emotion involved in these past experiences has been released the client is free to regain full control of their life.

None of us were born with anxiety, fears or depression so:
Anything that can be learned can be unlearned!!!

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