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Yes You Can

Occasionally we also run workshops and clinics at alternative locations throughout Ireland, details of which will be posted on this site.


Eamonn Meaney, senior clinical hypnotherapist and managing director of yesyoucan.ie, holds an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. He is a registered member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists), the world’s largest hypnosis organisation. Eamonn regularly attends new workshops and seminars, ensuring the results we deliver not only match, but actually surpass the expectations of our clients!

"Eamonn is a trainer and facilitator for a national charitable organisation, facilitating weekly meetings in the Department of Psychiatry in Waterford Regional Hospital, whilst also currently undertaking a BSc in Psychotherapy & Counselling."

Speaking candidly, Eamonn says “Whether it’s anything from smoking to phobias, negative acts will always follow negative thoughts. Once we establish a working relationship with our clients, there are no limits to what they can achieve. There’s no rocket science involved, we simply take away the negative stuff!”

Our client’s successes are the building blocks of our reputation and we are of course comprehensively insured on all fronts. Everybody accepts that specific positive changes will increase the quality and quantity of their life. Today is a great day for you to make it happen:


Call us today for an appointment and with our help, you will never look back!


Change For Life

Waterford: 8A St. John’s Villas, Waterford

Waterford Hypnotherapy in part of YesYouCan Hypnotherapy Clinics, who currently operate from two main clinic locations: Dublin & Waterford, serving a nationwide client base.


Eamonn Meaney
Mobile: 083 351 1775